When summertime hits, building for the fair goes into full gear! We have some very talented people on are crew, with great carpentry and painting skills. We are blessed! In the last few weeks it has been painting mania around here! There are a few more painting projects in our future, but we have survived thus far, and I am very pleased with the results! Here’s a sneak peek at our colorful fair:

Project #1: Display boxes for the Horizon Credit Union Creative Corner and K12 Science Discovery Tent

I have a lot of hands-on activities for the kids and they would get lost in the grass under our tents, so we have these beautiful display boxes to make playing/creating easier!

Project #2: Concessions Stands for the Legacy Center Concessions

These stands can fold up and be stored easily. They will allow more air circulation for the workers and they look pretty spiffy, too. There was a lot of debate over the colors, but I think we made some good choices!

Enjoy the pics!

Some more projects coming down the pipe: a bean bag toss and a PLINKO board! You wouldn’t believe how many people around here don’t know what Plinko is!

Can you smell the fried, funnel cake goodness in the air? The fair is just around the corner!

Have fun!

~Your Favorite Fair Coordinator

They began as white, "plain Jane" boxes.

Then I had some MAJOR fun sprinkling glitter all over the tops. I LOVE GLITTER!

I got some Disney paint to add a little magic to this place, and I think it turned out GREAT!


Concessions Fun!

Not sure what these are for...


The roofs!

Our patriotic garbage cans!


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