New Year, New Fair!

Hello Friends!

Well, the fair planning has gone into HIGH GEAR! We’ve got a lot of changes coming your way, and I think they all will be great. I’m working on stuff way early, as to avoid the most stressful day of my life that occurred last year. :)

That being said, planning is pretty stressful itself. I sit at my desk, and close my eyes, hold my head in my hands, and squeeze out great ideas (hopefully!). I want to plan a fair that EVERYONE will love, which will, of course,  never happen. So, instead I aim  for a high percentage. But an eternal question still pervades me– I always ask for input, but how much do I want? I want to SURPRISE Davis County! I want to wow them! But at the same time, I do not want a dud on my hands. The only way to really know what someone wants is to ask… or just listen.

My current challenge is finding a great musical act for the fair. Summer in Utah brings concert fever. All of the big names come to town, in fact, Sugarland will be at the USANA Amphitheater on the last day of our fair. I can’t compete with that, but I do my best to bring in fun music and different shows.

Every year, there is always the request for a “Big Name.” What’s a girl to do?? Rest assured, Davis County, I’m finding something fabulous for you! It may not be Tim McGraw or Boyz II Men (♥), but it will hopefully be someone unique, local, and bangin’. Any requests?? Send them my way… PLEASE!!!

Here’s a few names that are on the table:

  • Nathan Osmond
  • Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
  • Joey & Rory
  • Thompson Square
  • Benton Paul
  • Allred
  • Street Corner Symphony (from the “Sing-Off”…♥)
  • Alex Boye
  • All-4-One
  • Jason Hewlett

What do you think??? A few of these I have not even contacted yet, so I hope they don’t see this. :) Let me know who you love, or if you have a genius idea!

And if you are a Davis County LOVER and you are chock full of TALENT, we definitely want YOU at the Davis County Fair!

We want YOU to perform at the fair!

Go to and fill out an “ENTERTAINMENT APPLICATION.” This year is ALL ABOUT Davis County and it will be a celebration of the wonderful people who live here.

So, spread the word and spread the love! And PLEASE leave a comment of who you want to see at the fair!

Much Love,



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