Rockin’ & Rollin’

Happy Superbowl Weekend!!!

I get asked all the time… “What do you do all year?” Well, here’s a little post to show what has been keeping us busy!

Last weekend we went to the annual meeting for the Utah Association of Fairs and Events (UAFE). This is always a good time to catch up with friends and get some GREAT ideas. I was able to host a roundtable discussion on “pre-fair gimmicks” and now I really know what “gimmick” means! My favorite little nugget is not really fair related, but I shared it with the people who attended my session. I love the band Queen, and Freddie Mercury’s gimmick was always performing with a microphone stand that had no bottom. This all started when the bottom of the stand broke off during one of his performances, and he carried the tradition on. When asked why he did this, he famously replied:

“Everyone has to have a gimmick, dear.”

At UAFE, they give away recognition awards and we won TWO! We received the award for:



I was really excited that other people love this picture as much as I do! And a I special shout-out goes to Mighty Clever, our advertising/graphics guys! They are GREAT! So let’s just say, the Davis County Fair is “award winning!” Supa fly!

In other news… we have applications out! We are looking for great FOOD VENDORS and fabulous ENTERTAINERS! We are really looking to support local businesses, local musicians, and local fun-lovers. We love Davis County and we will be celebrating it big time this year! Go to for these applications! We’ve already gotten some YUMMY food vendor applications. I’m already dreaming of polynesian chicken and funnel cakes!

A few fun announcements have been made about some of our big entertainment pieces, and there is more to come!

IGX- Video Game Tent: Standard-Examiner

The West Texas Rattlesnake Show: Davis County Clipper & Standard-Examiner

The hardest part this year has been planning the marketing, but “WORD OF MOUTH” has always been our #1 marketing tool, and that’s because of you! Thanks for being fair fans and for spreading the word!

Stay tuned for more fun!!!


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