Social Butterfly

Here I sit in my hotel room in Indianapolis for the IAFE Spring Seminar on Marketing and Sponsorship. I’m so lucky to be able to participate in these events and be a part of this organization!

Inadvertently, we have talked A LOT about social media. It is such a powerful tool– such a great way to get your voice heard and start a discussion. That is why I try to do with the Davis County Fair. I want Davis County-ians and fair guests to hear my voice through all the promotions and announcements. I want them to connect with a little piece of me, because I put A LOT of me into the fair.

I am getting UBER excited for the 2011 fair– I can’t wait for you to hear the theme! I am hoping it is something we can all rally behind, and something to bring Davis County together. We are such a unique county! Nestled in between two big dogs of Utah (Weber & Salt Lake). We still have the small town charm, with an urban twist. Business is booming not only in Utah, but also in Davis County. People who move away, always seem to move back.

I am not a native Utahan, but I am proud to live in Davis County, and even prouder to support the community with my specific job. I hope that through this conference, along with other trainings, that I can make the fair better, and spread the word!

For all those social media doubters out there, check out this video:

I can’t wait to show this to some people in my office! Powerful stats– and I even saw that they have a Part 2, which I’ll save for another post. :)

Today is a great day for many reasons, but the national ones include MARDI GRAS and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (100th Anniversary!). So have a purple cupcake, throw beads at someone, give your mom a hug, or sing your favorite girl power song (even if you’re a guy!).

Beadilicious :)

Stay tuned for more fair details– they are getting finalized every day! Can’t wait for the BIG REVEAL!!!

Much Love,


Fair Coordinator


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