One week ago, I was able to present the 2011 Davis County Fair theme to the Davis County Commission. We had music, we had beach balls– it was a blast! And luckily, everyone enjoyed our presentation. :)

The 2011 theme is: VIVA LAS DAVIS!

I had to fight hard for this one, guys, and I’m glad I did! I really think that this theme shows what the fair is all about– celebrating Davis County. Through the fair, we are able to celebrate all of the great things about Davis County: great people, great food, great talent, and great fun!

My goal is for the community of Davis County to feel like they are a part of the Davis County Fair. We have A LOT of great attractions coming to the fair. To name a few:

IGX- Interactive Gaming Experience– come play some of the latest video games on the newest video game consoles! Tournaments and prizes given out every day!

The West Texas Rattlesnake Show– Trust me, I hate snakes, and I am SO EXCITED for this show! Rattlesnake Dave is a hoot, and this show is sure to have you coming back for more!

Rattlesnake Dave of the West Texas Rattlesnake Show.

Jason Hewlett– Entertainer extraordinaire! Hewlett actually got his start in Las Vegas, giving a nice shout out to our theme. His impressions are impeccable, his singing is sensational… it’s gonna be a blast!

Hewlett channeling Sir Elton John.

Outdoor Movie– WHAT?! An outdoor movie at the Davis County Fair? YES! And you get to be a part of choosing what movie it is! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find out how you can cast your vote!

What's it gonna be?!

American Diving Dogs– brought to you by the people who brought us “Splash Dogs” last year. The Diving Dogs are SURE to please, and don’t forget to bring your own pooch!

The biggest question I have been asked is… “WILL ELVIS BE THERE?!”

Only time will tell… ;)

Much Love, Fair Fans!



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