Feel the ♥

Happy JUNE!

Can you believe it?! The fair is fast approaching, and I’m actually getting EXCITED! We have a lot of fun stuff coming to the fair, and I just LOVE our theme– it makes a lot of the stuff I have to do more fun. Designing the t-shirts? FUN! Can’t wait to show you guys! Designing ads for ValPak? FUN!

What has been even more fun is having people throughout the community already know what the theme is! I think that “Viva Las Davis” has caught on, just like I hoped it would! In the past weeks I have been introducing myself to new people, and after telling them that I am the Davis County Fair Coordinator, I have had several people say, “Oh! Viva Las Davis! I love it!” or “That is so cute!”  They know what the theme is without me having to tell them. How cool is that?! Last year I had to tell people, then felt like I had to explain it, “You know, ‘mane’ like a lion, but we’re not having lions anymore… just tigers… are you with PETA??” Last year was tons of fun. :)

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for catching onto my vision! I think that VIVA LAS DAVIS is something that we, as Davis County-ians, can all rally behind, and so far a lot of people have. I am really feeling the love!

Stay tuned for more juicy news!

Much Love,



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