Crazy Good

Well, the fair is long gone, but we are still recovering. :)

2011 was a SMASHING SUCCESS! And I hope you all don’t while I gush with pride. Here are some highlights:

  • Increased paid parked cars by 1,500! This is easily an additional 3,000 guests at the fair!
  • Increased vendor revenue by 30.7%!
  • Decreased fair book/brochure spending by 76%!
I have had several comments that this was, “The best fair ever!” That makes us feel so great, because we feel the same way. On an individual note, I am so happy with how everything turned out. A lot of my fair dreams came true the fair layout looked great! Some of my favorite parts of the fair was the entertainment! I think we had an awesome schedule this year, and we were able to also highlight a lot of local bands. Here are some videos for your enjoyment:
JASON HEWLETT & The Supremes
THE FLASH MOB (My ultimate dream come true!!!)
Thanks for the memories, the support, and the love! Here’s to making 2012 bigger and better! 

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