Let me entertain you…

Happy 2012!

We are getting into full “get ready” mode over here at the Legacy Events Center! Well, at least I am!

Just today we posted the 2012 Entertainment Application at www.davisfair.com! Last year was our first time having potential entertainers fill out an application, and it worked so well! We had a great response, which led to tough choices for us, but it was all worth it in the end. We had tons of great, local entertainers on our stage and grounds. We are all about celebrating Davis County (as if you couldn’t tell!), and having an Entertainment Application helps us do just that.

Click here to print the application!

If you yearn to share your talents with the world, the Davis County Fair is a great place to get started! I had a lot of musicians apply last year, but we are also interested in dancers, magicians, comedians, etc.

And, due to a lower budget, lower fees are appreciated!

Speaking of the budget… do not fear! We have all been a little nervous, wondering, “How can we top Viva Las Davis?” And then our budget got cut, as I’m sure happened everywhere. My goal is to make sure that no one even notices that the budget got cut– we will still have high quality entertainment, and plenty of it. We’ve had to get a little creative and better at negotiating, and we’re all the better for it. :) So, what do we say to the economy… “I accept this challenge!”


So, are we going to be able to top 2011? YOU BET WE ARE! And come along for the ride! We have a lot of great attractions in the works, and can’t wait to share them with all of you! So, please feel free to leave feedback on this blog, on our Facebook, on our Twitter, or through email (mhatch@daviscountyfair.gov)! We ARE listening!

Best wishes for a FABULOUS 2012!

Mad Love,




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