Welcome back to another installment of TEACH-ME-HOW-TO-THURSDAY! You can also think of this as, the Davis County Fair doing the work so you don’t have to. :)


Did you know that one of the Living Arts entry categories is ORIGAMI?! When I was a kid, I had an origami book and I loved seeing what I could make… and laughed at what I couldn’t. Origami is a fun activity that you can do by yourself or with others. Also, in my research, I have discovered the origami can make a great gift, or give a special handmade touch to a gift. Stay tuned to see what I’m talking about…

First, the rules for origami in the fair? There are no set rules, but I would suggest making something unique, that will stand out among the paper cranes and single balloons. I found some great tutorials that are easy, but would make a great entry at the Davis County Fair!

Check out this great tutorial for an origami balloon garland. HELLO! This would be so cute at a party, or on display at the Davis County Fair. Thanks to http://www.frolic-blog.com for the great tutorial! Click HERE to make one for yourself!

Pinned Image

Origami Balloon Garland/Lanterns!

Next up is origami paper boxes from Pinecone Camp! Now, don’t tell me this doesn’t make a truffle, necklace, or any other little gift even sweeter! Another fun idea… put another piece of origami inside! A frog, a shield, a flower– go ahead, SURPRISE ME! :) Click HERE to learn how to make this lovely box!

Origami Paper Boxes

Now, how about an origami flower bouquet? Gorgeous! This as an entry at the fair would definitely make a statement, and possibly garner you a blue ribbon! SWEET! Another idea with origami flowers, is to make an origami flower lei! Oh, the possibilities are endless! Thanks to http://www.capitolromance.com for this tutorial! Click HERE to start your own bouquet!

Origami Flower Bouquet

Here is another hand link to LOTS of ORIGAMI TUTORIALS!

So, I think you can already tell, there is something for EVERYONE at the fair, and we are only going to dig a little deeper in the coming Thursdays. Let us know how you feel about TEACH-ME-HOW-TO-THURSDAYS and what you want to see here!


M & the rest of the Davis County Fair Staff


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