Just for the CROCHET of it!

This week for TEACH-ME-HOW-TO THURSDAY, we are tackling something that I love, and that intimidates me: CROCHET!  My  best friend’s mom was PRO at it while we were growing up. She said, “What color blanket do you want?” And like magic, I had a comfy, cozy maroon crocheted blanket that I still call my own.

Hobbies like these seem to be becoming more fashionable and in the spotlight. I think there is something nostalgic about an afghan or crocheted holiday ornaments that just reminds everyone of home and “the good ol’ days.” So, this week, I’m going to spotlight some crocheting tips and ideas that would be tons of fun to have in the fair!

In the Living Arts entries, there is a department for Yarn & Thread Arts. There is SO much that you can enter– blankets, accessories, clothing, household items, etc. My dream crocheted items would have to be a bear hat:

Crochet Bear Toque Chocolate

And these bad boys….

Pinned Image

So, you wanna crochet or knit… where do you get started?! That’s a great question. For hobbies like this, I think the best way to learn, is to learn from a live person. If you have someone in your family or neighborhood who can rock the crochet hooks, I would bring them a plate of brownies and ask for some lessons.

Another great resource… the internet! As usual, the world wide web never lets me down. I would suggest finding tutorials with step by step photos, or make sure that you know the lingo so that you can follow pattern directions more easily.

The inspiration for this post actually came from my best friend and Davis County Fair lover, Miss Holly. I mentioned her mom earlier in this post, and like her mom, Holly is handy with her crochet hooks! She recently completed an awesome granny square blanket. I just love it! Bright colors, a fun pattern— that’s enough to inspire me!

She used a book called, “Granny Square Love” and she highly recommends it! Here are some links to her blog posts: Inspiration: Granny Square Love  and  Granny Square Blanket Expert Over Here .

And on that note… I found an easy granny square tutorial online! The cool thing about granny squares is you can make more than just blankets– a shawl, pillow case, decorations, etc. Give it a try! Click on the picture to follow the link!

Serving You! Crochet A Granny Square

There are so many fun things to make with yarn… click the pictures below to find out how to make these fun items! And by the way, craftpassion.com seems to be an awesome website!!

Crochet Flower Brooch Pattern & Tutorialcrochet african flower

Crocheted granny triangle bunting

Keep up the good work! The fair theme will be announced SOON!



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