Garden Time!

Enjoy a blog post by our Horticulture/Floriculture Chair– Britney!

Happy Spring Davis County!

I would like to share a TEACH-ME-HOW-TO THURSDAY tip that will help get you excited about gardening this year.  Not only do flowers provide a cheerful mood to your garden, they also attract beautiful insects and wildlife.  Seeing these stunning creatures in action is a special treat for adults and children, and it can be a refreshing break from the old T.V.

How to Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies into your garden:

Both hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to colorful flowers.   Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to the color red.  Some plants are better than others at attracting insects because some flowers have a more accessible shape and nectar quality that our garden friends are looking for.

Butterflies are attracted to sunny hot locations, and they also need a drink now and then.  Plant your flowers in a sunny site in your yard protected from strong winds, and make sure water puddles somewhere nearby.   They will also stick around longer if there is a continuous supply of nectar.

Photo provided by Alabama Cooperative Extension

Feeding Hummingbirds is a popular way attracts hummingbirds to an area where you can watch them in action.  To make your own nectar at home, mix a feeding solution of four parts water to one part sugar by bringing water to a full boil and dissolving sugar in it. Cool and keep unused solution refrigerated.  Do not add red coloring to the solution. Red on the feeder will attract the birds. Change the solution at least every three days.  Clean the feeder frequently and thoroughly to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Do not use honey instead of sugar, as it may harbor a fungus that is lethal to hummingbirds. Plastic bee guards are available for many feeders and help discourage bees and wasps at feeders.  Do not use insect sprays.

Plants that attract butterflies in Utah:






sweet William


black-eyed Susan




morning glory




purple ageratum



indigo bush

 butterfly bush


 mock orange






Plants that attract hummingbirds in Utah:



Tiger lily,

Bee balm


Salvia Trees:

Scarlet lobelia

Shrubs and vines:

Butterfly bush

Siberian peashrub


Trumpet Vine


Photo provided by Oregon State University Extension

So, feel free to grow this beautiful plants and enter them in the fair! As a floral arrangement or in our own Horticulture/Floriculture division!

Good luck and enjoy the show!

Britney Hunter

Horticulture Extension Faculty

Utah State University


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