‘Tis the Season!

2011 has been a great year for the Davis County Fair and the Legacy Events Center. We appreciate all of your continued support and encouragement! We will continue to grow and seek after improvements that will make us bigger and better. The great thing about technology is that we can share our holiday card with all of you! So be safe, be merry, eat good food!


The Davis County Fair/Legacy Events Center Staff

Legacy Events Center 2011


Crazy Good

Well, the fair is long gone, but we are still recovering. :)

2011 was a SMASHING SUCCESS! And I hope you all don’t while I gush with pride. Here are some highlights:

  • Increased paid parked cars by 1,500! This is easily an additional 3,000 guests at the fair!
  • Increased vendor revenue by 30.7%!
  • Decreased fair book/brochure spending by 76%!
I have had several comments that this was, “The best fair ever!” That makes us feel so great, because we feel the same way. On an individual note, I am so happy with how everything turned out. A lot of my fair dreams came true the fair layout looked great! Some of my favorite parts of the fair was the entertainment! I think we had an awesome schedule this year, and we were able to also highlight a lot of local bands. Here are some videos for your enjoyment:
JASON HEWLETT & The Supremes
THE FLASH MOB (My ultimate dream come true!!!)
Thanks for the memories, the support, and the love! Here’s to making 2012 bigger and better! 

So Close…

Can you believe it?! I have been a terrible blogger all summer, because this summer has been CRAZY!

But guess what?! The fair will be here next Wednesday, AUGUST 17TH!!!

We can’t wait to see you– I really think that this year is going to be great! We have great free entertainment, lots of great volunteers, super sponsors… set up is going swimmingly! It’s almost too easy this year… we hope we aren’t forgetting anything big!

Stay tuned for more fair fun… this blog ain’t seen the last of me. :)


Feel the ♥

Happy JUNE!

Can you believe it?! The fair is fast approaching, and I’m actually getting EXCITED! We have a lot of fun stuff coming to the fair, and I just LOVE our theme– it makes a lot of the stuff I have to do more fun. Designing the t-shirts? FUN! Can’t wait to show you guys! Designing ads for ValPak? FUN!

What has been even more fun is having people throughout the community already know what the theme is! I think that “Viva Las Davis” has caught on, just like I hoped it would! In the past weeks I have been introducing myself to new people, and after telling them that I am the Davis County Fair Coordinator, I have had several people say, “Oh! Viva Las Davis! I love it!” or “That is so cute!”  They know what the theme is without me having to tell them. How cool is that?! Last year I had to tell people, then felt like I had to explain it, “You know, ‘mane’ like a lion, but we’re not having lions anymore… just tigers… are you with PETA??” Last year was tons of fun. :)

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for catching onto my vision! I think that VIVA LAS DAVIS is something that we, as Davis County-ians, can all rally behind, and so far a lot of people have. I am really feeling the love!

Stay tuned for more juicy news!

Much Love,



One week ago, I was able to present the 2011 Davis County Fair theme to the Davis County Commission. We had music, we had beach balls– it was a blast! And luckily, everyone enjoyed our presentation. :)

The 2011 theme is: VIVA LAS DAVIS!

I had to fight hard for this one, guys, and I’m glad I did! I really think that this theme shows what the fair is all about– celebrating Davis County. Through the fair, we are able to celebrate all of the great things about Davis County: great people, great food, great talent, and great fun!

My goal is for the community of Davis County to feel like they are a part of the Davis County Fair. We have A LOT of great attractions coming to the fair. To name a few:

IGX- Interactive Gaming Experience– come play some of the latest video games on the newest video game consoles! Tournaments and prizes given out every day!

The West Texas Rattlesnake Show– Trust me, I hate snakes, and I am SO EXCITED for this show! Rattlesnake Dave is a hoot, and this show is sure to have you coming back for more!

Rattlesnake Dave of the West Texas Rattlesnake Show.

Jason Hewlett– Entertainer extraordinaire! Hewlett actually got his start in Las Vegas, giving a nice shout out to our theme. His impressions are impeccable, his singing is sensational… it’s gonna be a blast!

Hewlett channeling Sir Elton John.

Outdoor Movie– WHAT?! An outdoor movie at the Davis County Fair? YES! And you get to be a part of choosing what movie it is! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find out how you can cast your vote!

What's it gonna be?!

American Diving Dogs– brought to you by the people who brought us “Splash Dogs” last year. The Diving Dogs are SURE to please, and don’t forget to bring your own pooch!

The biggest question I have been asked is… “WILL ELVIS BE THERE?!”

Only time will tell… ;)

Much Love, Fair Fans!


Social Butterfly

Here I sit in my hotel room in Indianapolis for the IAFE Spring Seminar on Marketing and Sponsorship. I’m so lucky to be able to participate in these events and be a part of this organization!

Inadvertently, we have talked A LOT about social media. It is such a powerful tool– such a great way to get your voice heard and start a discussion. That is why I try to do with the Davis County Fair. I want Davis County-ians and fair guests to hear my voice through all the promotions and announcements. I want them to connect with a little piece of me, because I put A LOT of me into the fair.

I am getting UBER excited for the 2011 fair– I can’t wait for you to hear the theme! I am hoping it is something we can all rally behind, and something to bring Davis County together. We are such a unique county! Nestled in between two big dogs of Utah (Weber & Salt Lake). We still have the small town charm, with an urban twist. Business is booming not only in Utah, but also in Davis County. People who move away, always seem to move back.

I am not a native Utahan, but I am proud to live in Davis County, and even prouder to support the community with my specific job. I hope that through this conference, along with other trainings, that I can make the fair better, and spread the word!

For all those social media doubters out there, check out this video:

I can’t wait to show this to some people in my office! Powerful stats– and I even saw that they have a Part 2, which I’ll save for another post. :)

Today is a great day for many reasons, but the national ones include MARDI GRAS and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (100th Anniversary!). So have a purple cupcake, throw beads at someone, give your mom a hug, or sing your favorite girl power song (even if you’re a guy!).

Beadilicious :)

Stay tuned for more fair details– they are getting finalized every day! Can’t wait for the BIG REVEAL!!!

Much Love,


Fair Coordinator

Rockin’ & Rollin’

Happy Superbowl Weekend!!!

I get asked all the time… “What do you do all year?” Well, here’s a little post to show what has been keeping us busy!

Last weekend we went to the annual meeting for the Utah Association of Fairs and Events (UAFE). This is always a good time to catch up with friends and get some GREAT ideas. I was able to host a roundtable discussion on “pre-fair gimmicks” and now I really know what “gimmick” means! My favorite little nugget is not really fair related, but I shared it with the people who attended my session. I love the band Queen, and Freddie Mercury’s gimmick was always performing with a microphone stand that had no bottom. This all started when the bottom of the stand broke off during one of his performances, and he carried the tradition on. When asked why he did this, he famously replied:

“Everyone has to have a gimmick, dear.”

At UAFE, they give away recognition awards and we won TWO! We received the award for:



I was really excited that other people love this picture as much as I do! And a I special shout-out goes to Mighty Clever, our advertising/graphics guys! They are GREAT! So let’s just say, the Davis County Fair is “award winning!” Supa fly!

In other news… we have applications out! We are looking for great FOOD VENDORS and fabulous ENTERTAINERS! We are really looking to support local businesses, local musicians, and local fun-lovers. We love Davis County and we will be celebrating it big time this year! Go to www.davisfair.com for these applications! We’ve already gotten some YUMMY food vendor applications. I’m already dreaming of polynesian chicken and funnel cakes!

A few fun announcements have been made about some of our big entertainment pieces, and there is more to come!

IGX- Video Game Tent: Standard-Examiner

The West Texas Rattlesnake Show: Davis County Clipper & Standard-Examiner

The hardest part this year has been planning the marketing, but “WORD OF MOUTH” has always been our #1 marketing tool, and that’s because of you! Thanks for being fair fans and for spreading the word!

Stay tuned for more fun!!!