The fastest growing department at the Davis County Fair is Photography, a division of the Living Arts Department. Photography is all the rage! Programs from Instagram to Picknik have made the average joe feel like a pro photography. Well, why not take it to the next level! Get out there and start capturing memories, beauty, and more. The fair is open to all different talent levels, from Junior Amateur to Advanced. People from 8 to 98 are welcome to join in the exhibit fun. 

Here are some great tips and ways to up the ante on your photography skills and grow your hobby into a marketable skill. 

Isn’t the internet amazing?! You can pretty much find anything, at anytime. I found a few blogs that have great photography tips that can speak to a more experienced photographer and to someone who is starting out fresh. 

The first bit of advice comes from Click on the picture below to follow the specific link to the photography fun. This page shows all of her posts that have photography tagged in them. You can learn more about choosing a good camera, taking magazine quality pictures, and more. 


This second post, from, has very approachable tips and techniques that anyone can start putting into practice today. I thought the layout of this post was very helpful– you can see how her techniques really do make a difference in the pictures she posts. Click on the picture below– I think you guys will like this one! 


And guess what?! We even have more help that is closer to home. Doug Sims, of fame, is on our Fair Board! We are lucky ducks, I tell ya. He has a photography club, called Photographix, which is FREE!!! Yup, FREE. This club is dedicated to helping photographers learn, grow, and network. They offer workshops and other get togethers throughout the year. Members of this club also help us out with photography during the fair. We get some AWESOME pictures thanks to these guys and gals. 


Through these Teach-Me-How-To Thursdays posts, we are trying to encourage more people to participate in the entries and exhibits portion of the fair. Their is money to be won and ribbons to be had! Here are the photography categories you can enter in: 

1. Animals/Pets [Domestic]
2. Close-up/Macro
3. Flowers
4. Human Interest [Tells a story or evokes an emotion}
5. Portraiture [Formal, Candid, Wedding, etc.] 
6. Scenic/Landscape
7. Sports/Action
8. Wildlife [In the wild or captivity]
9. Creative / Artistic
10. Unclassified [Does not fit any other category]

So, pretty much ANYTHING! Follow your heart’s desire and start snapping away. If you want to share some pics early, go ahead and post them on our Facebook page! 

The entry directions and forms will be posted in May 2012 at



Thanks for the love! 

-Megan and the Davis County Fair Board